Collaborating with Su Roelofs, a holistic dentist and gum disease specialist, to create Peritip. A dental tool designed to improve personal gum care, treating and preventing periodontal gum disease.

What I did

Strategy, Identity, Product & Service


- European Federation of Periodontology


What is Periodontal disease & Periodontitis?

Periodontal gum disease (periodontitis) is an infection of tissues that hold teeth in place, leading to teeth loosening or tooth loss.

Gum diseases are some of the most common in Europe, but among the least acknowledged, they can increase the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.


Treating Periodontal disease

Out of reach of personal hygiene practices, harmful bacteria can develop in the periodontal pocket, between teeth and gums. Clearing the bacteria stops the infection from spreading to the root, tooth, gum or bone.


Comfortable & manoeuvrable

Focussed on making the tool ergonomic, it is comfortable to manoeuvre even in difficult to reach areas.

Kind on gums

Testing different woods, the birch toothpicks are soft & fluff up when in contact with water.

Gum friendly, Planet friendly

Tips are compostable & the tool is 100% recyclable plastic. We wanted to make a big impact in the mouth & a small impact outside.

Designed for hands & mouths

Focussing on familiar grips, we wanted people to instinctively hold and manoeuvre the tool to clean each area of their mouth.


Internal precision

‘Penholder’ - Anterior gumline


External precision

‘Paintbrush’ - posterior gumline


Transverse digital

‘Toothbrush’ - Top gumline

Simple product, simple identity


In the box

With every Peritip purchase, a pack of Peritip tips & Infocard of instructions are included.

Concious consumption


As simple as brushing your teeth

Digital Instructions

To make the experience as simple as possible, we created instructions for people to follow when learning how to use their Peritip.

Tip Subscription

As people use a new tip with each use, it was essential to make the service as seamless as possible for peoples sanity and safety.

The Gumline

Not just providing a product, ‘The Gumline’ is a newsletter & resource to educate people on how to improve their dental hygiene.


The bottom line, how'd it go?

Su Roelofs

Dentist & Peritip owner

I've worked with Mike on Peritip from the beginning. His drive has got the project from a standstill to up and running. As a dentist designing a product was totally new to me, Mike took on the project with energy and commitment. Without him, Peritip wouldn't have come to fruition. He designed the product to a very high standard and produced all the graphics and animations for the instructions, packaging and website. Going beyond by assisting in getting the product on the market. He's dedicated, reliable and funny, a joy to work with.

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