Founded by three Mikes and shepherded by Sarah Conrad, CREW is creating a new communication experience for sports fans. Labelled as ‘UK Mike’, the team asked me to help them define the direction for the identity and product.

What I did

Strategy, Identity, Animation & UX/UI


Defining directions

Having worked with the team before and being a target user myself, I had a good idea of what they were looking for. Starting with a deep dive into relevant chat apps and adjacent sports.

Putting together three visual territories to show where they could take it and a strategy to explain how I would get them there. Highlighting ideas in making it a uniquely sporty experience and potential product hurdles we could avoid by doing the identity first.

Direction identified

We decided on CREW as a name, refined our direction, and created a sporty, bold and versatile identity inspired by successful sports brands.


Putting the identity to work

With the identity ready, the team asked me to create a basic prototype. Inspired by the best purpose-built communication tools like Whatsapp, Slack and Discord, we designed initial screens for our fan-focused features and to show the UX/UI team how the identity should be put through the product.


All your crews in one place

With diehard sports fans in mind, we kept the inbox simple and easy to use. Using court icons to label a crew and sport, combining them for multi-sport crews.

Live scores & Box scores

To avoid app changes and create sports-relevant displays. We created a score box that displays live scores of recent results and expands to show the Box Score.

Simple sports conversations

Shared content

People can create feeds of relevant & shareable content by selecting athletes, teams and leagues. Chat includes a drop-down to show past content to avoid endless retrospective scrolling.

Who's in the crew

The people drop-down provides a quick and easy to access list of crew members and identifies who's currently active.

Proper sports debates


Sports fans LOVE stats & enjoy a competitive debate. We created Playbook, a series of sports-specific tools to help people win their next bargument.

Game Simulation

Simulate matches with real sports data

Player or team stats

Reference stats to prove a point

Past scores

Recall what the score was last time

Future fixture

Share a fixture to start the debate early

Sports highlight

Remind people of that last minute winner

Chat while the games on

To create a unique sports experience and better organise messages, we created in-game chats, including a heads-up game timeline to keep up to date who scored and when.

Live updates

The in-game chat sends live updates from the game, goals, substitutions, injuries…etc. can be delivered to the crew for those not watching and those keen to catch every moment.

In-game reactions

Nothing can replace being at a live game, but we wanted to emulate that excitement. Creating in-game reactions allows fans to celebrate, exclaim, and express themselves.


The bottom line, how'd it go?

Mike Fox

CREW Co-founder

Mike is a true talent for building brands and designing identities. He’s been integral in fleshing out our brand strategy and been so much more than a designer, helping us with product development and consumer definition. His passion and deep understanding of how design functions make him an invaluable partner to our business.

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